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About Us

Qingdao Friendship Shipping Supply Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of provisions, commodities, ship stores and harbor services for foreign ocean-going ships and international navigating vessels. In 2004, approved by the competent authorities at a higher level and the government functional institutions, our company was reshuffled and reorganized in the light of the Company Law and regulations on modern enterprises. The reorganization was conducted on the basis of former Qingdao Foreign Supply General Corp, which was established in 1950. At present, we are a state-designated enterprise for international shipping supply. Meanwhile, we are a supplier for international navigating vessels, which has been accredited and kept on record by the local Customs, frontier inspection, entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities. In addition, we have obtained the License for Port Supply to Ships of International Voyage from Qingdao Port Office and become members of the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA), China Friendship External Supplier Association of Commerce as well as Shandong Customs Brokers Association. 

We have been appointed a supplier of provisions and commodities for visiting foreign vessels by North China Sea Fleet. In April, 2009, assigned by the Chinese Navy and Qingdao Municipal Government, we successfully accomplished the task by supplying provisions to 28 military vessels from 14 countries within three days. Thanks to our satisfactory services, we were praised by the Chinese Navy, Qingdao Municipal Government and the foreign clients of the naval vessels. We were hailed as a reliable, zero-complaint and good enterprise with a great corporate image and shipping supply of high quality by North China Sea Fleet. 

We offer 24/7 onboard supply service in order to completely meet your demands and provide your vessels with wide range of items & technical services. We work hard to deliver the best quality at competitive price.

The consistent business concept of the company is to give priority to reputation, sincere cooperation, best quality and fairest prices,provide our consumers the highest efficiency by offering the best possible price and high quality, regardless of the order size.
We are looking forward to cooperating with shipping companies all over the world and providing excellent services for international navigating vessels that come to Qingdao Port as well as other ports in China.

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