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 The Report of 2005 High Quality Work

(The article was published on Friendship Commerce & Ship Suppliers by CFESA , 4th issues of 2005, total 134 issues)

The Carrying Out Circumstance of
Qingdao Friendship Supply Co., LTD (Qingdao Foreign Supply Corp.)

First, our company pays attention to building up a good figure from enterprise culture. From leader to staff, all of us can realize that our diction and action embody not only ourselves but also the whole company. Especial as the well-known enterprise of foreign supply, we even incarnate Qingdao and China.

Second, we have completed and perfected company system based on the original work system. Everybody who will board a ship has to hold on the certifications required by Port Management Office. We often study concerned policies and laws. The high quality work begins with the high quality goods. The company works out Health Inspection and Sanitation Training Systems in order to control everybody’s sanitation and improve the consciousness. We also make Provisions Purchasing Systems. It rules that we forbid to purchase unqualified commodities. The frozen food should be bought from qualified markets. We also have Disinfection Systems. For the abovementioned reasons, we give our clients high quality commodities. What’s more, we realize that foreign supply is overall service. So we offer proper and thoughtful service. Our clients are very satisfied and give us high appraisal.

With years of hard work, the company has obtained outstanding achievement and high prestige. We are never received the criticism from the clients. On the contrary, we get many commendatory letters.

We will try our best to improve our staff’s fitness and make our management more reasonable. Although the 2005 High Quality Work will soon end, we are still according to the spirit of high quality work in the future and will improve our business scope and will do it better.

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